Creator and co-director of the web-series J'Peux Pas J'ai.

10 episodes of 3 minutes ish format web series created by Rosalie Recordon and Bénédicte-Lala Ernoult.

A realistic dramedy about Rosa and Lala's relationship, two best friends transitioning from young women to adults. Parisian, girly, and a little offbeat, they live in normal situations or not ...


                                                                                                First episode - I can't I have the rage - Eng sub

In development:

- PARIS-L.A. - TV series about a neurotic French actress arrives in LA and unexpectedly falls in love with a woman for the first time of her life. But just as their love is blooming she is deported and now must find a way to explore and hold on to her newfound love & sexuality.


- PRIDE - Documentary about a gay female couple travels the world surviving by using the Couchsurfing website while interviewing various personalities, some in countries where homosexuality is illegal.